Our Commitments:
Commitment to Excellence:
We believe in the passionate pursuit of Excellence, with integrity and dedication. We are enthusiastic, innovative, and dedicated in helping our client companies reach their full potential. We love to share what we know and to create value together with our clients, partners, and associates.

Commitment to Quality:
We are committed to consistently providing world-class advisory services for the challenging and diverse business issues our clients bring to us. We pride ourselves on finding innovative and reliable solutions to complex problems by leveraging our full range of expertise and experience supported by a rigorous science-based approach. We are students of Quality Sciences and we are dedicated to sustaining our clients in their continuous improvement efforts.

Commitment to Client Service:
At ICG, client service means more than providing high quality business advice and best practices. Our objective is to become trusted advisors that clients can rely upon. We believe that our clients’ overall experience with us is as important as the service itself. We make it our first priority to understand the context in which our clients do business - their market, their competitors, their industry. Our personalized approach to client relationships is embraced by every member of the firm, and demonstrated in the quality of our client interactions.
Commitment to Society:
We believe in being socially responsible and in the importance of contributing to Society. We focus on significance, always striving to be positive role models for others through our volunteer and charitable efforts. As a tangible demonstration of this commitment, we contribute 20% of our corporate profits to the betterment of human conditions and humanitarian causes.
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