Our Core Services and Approach to Projects:

We work with service-oriented companies and we provide them with a broad spectrum of advisory services focused on Performance Excellence.

We utilize a sophisticated business management model based upon the application of Quality Sciences and the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria as a tool for our clients to:

  • Consistently achieve business goals.
  • Create unparalleled customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Create a motivating work environment, conducive to service excellence and employee involvement.
  • Become a leading company in their industry and market segment.
  • Improve long-term, sustainable profitability.
  • Innovate and continuously improve business processes.
To accomplish these goals we have developed industry specific programs that focus employees, managers and executives on a core set of organizational behaviors that generate a culture of success.

We guide and assist client organizations to:

  • Establish the vision and the aspirations of the enterprise consistent with the organizational core values, and operating philosophy.
  • Align the organization and involve and motivate the workforce to leverage the intellectual capital of the enterprise.
  • Enliven and energize the brand, by articulating brand promise, ambition, identity and attributes.
  • Formulate market and customer-focused strategies with clear and measurable objectives supporting the vision and goals of the enterprise.
  • Design repeatable and sustainable business processes – seamlessly connected to the strategic plan – to reach organizational goals.
  • Map out the customer experience at every service interaction to create world-class satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Engage, train and develop their workforce to ensure consistent business and service outcomes.
  • Improve efficiency through the application of TQM methods to eliminate operational mistakes, rework, breakdowns, inefficiencies, and variations.
  • Maximizing workforce Speed to Productivity through innovative human resources practices.
  • Determine effective metrics and measurements to drive and improve business execution and establish accountability.
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